Electronic Press Kit


You can freely download and use these files below in hi-res. We only ask you to mention the photographer with his/her full name in your publication (where so ever – online, offline, print…). We also want to ask you NOT to adjust any picture you’ll download below. We have a lot of respect for the choices made by the photographer. If you want to adjust or crop the picture, just ask it to us  (by sending a mail to booking@ladyblaxx.com) and we’ll fix it for you.

Photographer: Annelies Boeykens

Photographer: Balder Deschildre

Photographer: Catchlight.be


If you want to use the logo of Lady Blaxx, just send an e-mail to booking@ladyblaxx.com and mention your needs (vector, color, black and white …). We’ll send it to you.


Luminous Dash

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Dump Magazine

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Technical docs

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